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December 17 2014

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Kiwis are the best of all the citrus birds.
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December 08 2013

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December 04 2013

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Shut up woman - get on ma horse!

November 30 2013

Feel rather proud of myself - had horrific stomach cramps all through thursday and friday and somewhat today but didn't take any time off and still attended yesterdays party. Unfortunately I've also lost like 5kg... so many gainz lost - they will be mourned. 

November 23 2013

Thank God. The new Doctor Who was not shit, hopefully the series will pick up again. Also new series of Sherlock apparently. Not sure if that's old news or not but yeah, I've never seen it - apparently it's a big deal.

November 05 2013

Did the first 3 things word search thing, got Money, Intelligence and Lust in that order... makes me sound so awful (but it's freakishly accurate).

October 26 2013

non :( when I do I shall notify you post haste :)
I got an offer from York for Economics :D :D So bloody relieved I now have an actual shot at going to uni. Standard economics offer from York is A*AA and mine was AAB, we can only assume they've googled me and seen just how handsome I really am....

October 25 2013

Everyone is getting offers and none of my unis are giving offers yet :'( I just want to feel somewhat secure - I imagine this is exactly how Anne Frank felt. Except LSE are far worse than the Nazis. 

October 22 2013

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September 29 2013

So I finally got roped into a Jung personality test:

Apparently I am ENTP which seems fairly accurate - I particularly enjoyed the very flattering appraisal of my apparent sexual prowess on the "in-depth description" page for ENTPs. However, I am apparently best suited to dating INFJs and INTJs - the two rarest personality types so apparently while I may be excellent in bed, I won't get there very often. It also says I should go be a banker which is what sold me on its legitimacy - that and the bedroom antics.

September 22 2013

I've just realised that the way I do maths is severely cool... and no one ever sees cause I'm always in my room. I guess it's time to do homework in public from now on.
You can never have too many places to direct spam away from your main account ;)
So UCAS is the most horrible thing ever ever... :'( 

August 18 2013


August 12 2013

I can't like things on soup. This is a formal declaration of "like" for this soup. That is all.

August 03 2013

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So the new art shop in Kingston provided me with affordable water colours and yeah... I painted... T'was  a dry run but should yield some better stuff in future :)
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